Adult Safe House Testimonies

*Names have been changed for the privacy and safety of the women who were willing to share.

I like living at the safe house because they help me out the best they can with my current circumstance. I have gained so much great support and have been challenged to try new things. Since living here I have been able to get a stronger relationship with God. Everything the RAHAB Safe House does and offers is for our benefit and…


I have been here at the Safe House for over five months. I’ve got so much from my stay here. My relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, an amazing support group, a family I always wanted that has shown me I am loved. Whatever I choose to do with the help from Jesus. I choose to live today and…


The house has benefited me greatly. I have had my ups and downs, though I know Jesus Christ, the house mom and all of the other beautiful women get me through my situation. Thank you so much for allowing me to be here. I am extremely grateful for being alive, being blessed and most importantly, being a princess of Jesus. I…


The RAHAB Adult Safe House has provided me with a safe environment for me to work on my recovery. It helped me to strengthen my relationship with God. They have provided a great support foundation for me that has helped me transition back into society.


The RAHAB Safe House isn’t like any other program I’ve ever been in. I am genuinely loved here. I am encouraged in my faith here. I have learned who I am in Christ while living here. I am so grateful for this house.