RAHAB provides direct services to broken women. The majority of our resources go toward reaching these women in whatever situation they find themselves in. Our outreach teams walk the streets of Akron every week ministering and praying with the women we meet. These outreach teams also visit all Akron-area strip clubs once a month to develop relationships with the dancers. Our relationship with the Oriana House Correctional Facilities has earned us the opportunities to both bring Bible studies into the facilities, and to pick up women and bring them to our weekly program. By partnering with Summit County Juvenile Court, RAHAB provides mentoring for minor victims through a program called Restore Court, which seeks to expunge victim’s records. Volunteers visit and write letters to women in prison to continue to show them hope in Christ amidst their seemingly hopeless situations. Through these numerous avenues RAHAB builds the meaningful, Christ-centered relationships these women are so thirsty for.


It is only those who find themselves in helpless situations who need rescued. True rescuing requires intervention, but rescuing a woman from the streets is different than rescuing someone who is drowning, for example; familiarity, emotional ties, self-image, and fear keep victims of sexual exploitation from embracing hope. RAHAB aids in the long-term rescuing process by being a consistent voice reminding these women that they are worth rescuing. Women begin the rescue process when a safe relationship is formed and trust is established. From there, we encourage them to come to our Ministry Center for weekly programming including Bible studies, hot meals, positive community, and more. Safe housing is provided for victims of human trafficking with no safe place to live. By introducing them to a network of resources and stable, supportive people, these victims begin to believe they can have a different life. There is hope.


RAHAB aims to provide practical needs while always pointing the women we work with toward a relationship with Jesus Christ. He alone is the redeemer. We encourage and support women in reclaiming their lives. We’ve seen women regain custody of their children, graduate college, and get great jobs. We’ve seen women go from believing they are worthless to walking in confidence. We’ve seen women who couldn’t stay sober for 24 hours celebrate years of sobriety. But above all, we’ve seen countless women give their lives to the Lord. We attribute every success story to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. One of our favorite mottos is this: “Work like it depends on you, pray like it depends on God.” We rely on God to do the redeeming, but believe He wants to see action – because faith without works is dead.