Certified Volunteer Background Check

If you are applying to become a Certified Volunteer working directly with the girls and women, we ask that you go through a background check. This is for the safety of the girls and women, as well as the ministry as a whole. Because there is a fee involved, we suggest you do this as a last step once you are finished with volunteer orientation, the Essentials training, and your application has been accepted.

We work with an organization called Alpha Background Investigations to perform these background checks. There are two ways to apply for the background check.

Option 1 - Apply and Pay Online

You can click the "Online Application" link below to log into the RAHAB Ministries page of the Alpha Background Investigations website. Once there you are asked to fill in some basic information, electronically sign several waiver forms, and then pay $20 by credit card to cover the cost. Note that if you do it this way you can get a copy of the forms you are filling out at the end of the process.

(link coming soon)

Option 2 - Apply and Pay by Mail

You can click the "Paper Application" button below, download and fill out the paper form, write out a check for $20 to Alpha Background Investigations, and then send the check and the completed and signed release form to Alpha Background Investigations in the mail.

Paper Application


As always, if you have questions email us at believe@rahab-ministries.org, or call the office at 330.819.3326.