Laura – An Unexpected Friend

Often, an initial point of contact with women is through our strip club ministry. In an area blanketed with spiritual darkness, we have the opportunity to show them the love of Christ right where they are. For one strip club outreach volunteer, Laura, her desire to serve those women carried into an aspect of her life she did not expect! Here is Laura’s story about her unexpected friend…

I was working in the recovery room at a local hospital when a female patient arrived from the OR. Despite continuing to be the under the effects of anesthesia, she was fervently swearing and saying things like, “He’ll never do that to me again!” and other things indicating that she was being hurt by a man in her life. She was rough around the edges – it was obvious she was living a hard life.

She wasn’t my patient, but because of the large work area, I could hear her conversation. As she began to wake up, she began telling her nurse about the two local strip clubs where she worked. When I heard her say the names of the clubs, I almost fell over! I had goose bumps everywhere because I had been in those two clubs recently with other Rahab volunteers! Instantly, I knew the Holy Spirit was working in that room and in my heart. I decided to approach her and have a conversation with her.

I introduced myself and asked if she worked in the two local strip clubs she mentioned previously. She said yes, and explained that her boyfriend owned both clubs. I shared that I had been to both recently because I volunteered with Rahab Ministries. Instantly, her entire demeanor changed! Her face lit up as she said, “We love Rahab! They bring us gifts and cookies, and at Christmas they bring us lots of cool things, like slippers! We really look forward to seeing them!” She immediately wanted to know when we were coming back to see them and I was able to share that it would be soon.

She continued sharing about Rahab and all the positive things they meant to her and her co-workers. I was inspired by her, and I believe my co-workers were inspired as well. Although she still works in that dark industry, she knows there are people who care about her and others like her.

Rahab Ministries is making a difference in the lives of many women, including me. Walking into those clubs is not pleasant and it can be a little unnerving, but clearly Jesus wants me there and I’ll keep going because it’s all about Him.