Miranda – Share the News

One of our beautiful safe house daughters came to a saving knowledge of Christ while living at the Rahab Safe House! Her love for Jesus didn’t remain hidden, however, as the Lord opened the door for her to share the Good News with her daughter…

I have two daughters of my own; my oldest (Abby) is 10 and my second (Willow) is now 1. Abby came to the safe house for an all-day visit with me one sunny and gorgeous fall day, and we decided to take a walk to a church that sits on a cemetery. We took our time strolling through the cemetery – holding hands, chatting, and reading the different names and dates on tombstones. We made our way to the back of the cemetery where there was a mausoleum, a sitting bench, and a large cross with Jesus hanging on it. She and I decided to sit on the bench for a bit so we could talk. As we sat there, I kept noticing Abby’s attention switch from our conversation to the feet of Jesus. She leaned forward to get a better look, but still couldn’t make out what she was trying to see. She finally hopped down and brought her face just a few inches from Jesus’ feet nailed to the cross.

“What on earth are those, mom?” she asked as she pointed to the nails.

 I realized, for the first time ever, that I had never shared Jesus with Abby. I stumbled with my words for a minute, not knowing how to explain to my 10 year old why those terrible things were sticking out of his feet. But I knew I needed to explain it in a way that was fully honest.

“Well, those are…um…those are nails.” I said.

“What?! Nails? Why would someone do something like that?” she exclaimed.

So, right then, I told her about Who God is, Who His Only Son is, and how He ended up dying on the cross for us because He loves us that much. After sharing this, she asked me how Jesus gets into her heart! At that very moment, this huge wave came through my body, because I knew THIS was the perfect time to help her ask Jesus into her heart. I asked her if this was something she wanted to do, and she answered “YES!” I took her hand and we walked over to a smaller cross. We sat in the grass, closed our eyes, and asked her to repeat after me. Together, we prayed and thanked Him for many things, asked Him for forgiveness of our sins, and asked Him to come into her life and heart. After our final “amen,” I turned to Abby to see what she was thinking. Right then, she threw her arms into the air, fell flat on her back, and shouted, “I feel so much better!”