Melanie – Restoration Through Prayer

Praying into specific situations, especially ones that bring pain, can be challenging. This is why Rahab is once again hosting a Prayer Mapping Seminar on April 21 and 22. We hosted this for the first time last year, and it had a deep impact on staff, volunteers, and local community members. Melanie, an attendee from last year, was so moved by what she learned and experienced that she desired to share it with others…

It was with eagerness that I attended the Prayer Mapping Seminar about one year ago.  I realized that I needed a “boost” in my prayer life.  I prayed for my family and different situations, but I felt a lack in knowing how to pray more intentionally.  I had recently seen assaults of the enemy and knew spiritual warfare was real, but how was I to pray against the enemy? Those thoughts floated through my mind as I attended the seminar.

A year later, I have a notebook full of prayers I have written…prayers that I have customized to fit different situations.  As Christine led the seminar, she gave me tools to use when writing a prayer. Now, as I pray, I use strategies that target specific situations. 

For me, one of the biggest blessings has been the change in my relationship with my son.  A year ago, our relationship was strained.  I often felt that he no longer respected me as he was critical in his words and actions.  I had prayed about the situation, and the Lord revealed sin on my part that I confessed.  As time passed, however, I didn’t see healing in our relationship and I became very discouraged. Then, I attended the Prayer Mapping Seminar.  One of the first prayer maps I wrote pertained to my son. 

I realized that my prayers before the seminar were general – not targeting the specifics of the situation and not addressing the attacks of the enemy.  As I listened to Christine and put into practice the tools she offered, I felt empowered and equipped to pray with more accuracy.  Using Scripture as the foundation, I poured out my heart to God regarding the disharmony between my son and me.  As I prayed, I began to see our relationship change. Over time, my husband and I both noticed a huge difference in my son’s attitude and actions. Today, it is with joy that I can say God has healed our relationship!

This is one example of how I have seen the Lord’s loving intervention in people and situations in my life.  My prayer life has changed for the better as result of the Prayer Mapping Seminar.  This is definitely a seminar you don’t want to miss!